Way Of Women

Way Of Women is born out of the genuine interest of the brand Sportmax Code aimed towards women and their world at 360 degrees. Its goal is to become a platform for open discussion, information, growth, discovery, and above all a place to tell the stories, life experiences and personal journeys of women from all over the globe.

Way Of Women talks to creative young women working in fields such as art, music, cinema, photography, writing, fashion, design but not exclusively, to report on what’s happening right now in the world out there, through short interviews and exclusive visual content.

Way Of Women = Wow!

W-O-W is a web based magazine that will make use of interviews, features, audio and video contributions to tell authentic stories about being a woman in today’s world.


The magazine already contains contributes from Agathe De Bailliencourt, Amandine Romero, Camilla Donzella, Carlotta Manaigo, Daniela Diletto,  Jem Goulding, Kate Gibb, Kathy Diamond, Khan-Linh La, Linlee Allen, Maria Trofimova, Olimpia Zagnoli, Roberta Ridolfi and Victoria Bergsman.

W-O-W is a place where to find hints, advices, addresses and travel tips as seen by a woman’s point of view.