We Are Not ADV Makers

And we are original, above all. It’s like when someone is mistaken for you ’cause he’s dressed and acts like you. The solution? Terminate him/her.

But as we’re supposed to live in a (less than more) civil world, we’ll do nothing but making the point.

We’ve been cloned … in a certain sense. We realized it while flipping through issue 84 of “On Board”, an italian snowboard magazine. And when someone asked us who we were, looking at the report and its photos.

Behind Magazine is not affiliated with On Board, the people represented in this articles are not part of Behind Magazine staff.

Unfortunately for you, we are not so sprayed, cool, we don’t have emo haircuts and we don’t pose like artists. We are old and peevish grizzly bears, we love working hard, not fucking around like pupppets.

Really sure you absolutely want to see how we look like?! We’ll have to kill you after, anyway … served!

One of the latest pictures taken during our staff holiday to the spa.