What a numberless world

If you might think of a tragic ending for this world, what would you think the cause could be?
I suppose: numbers disappearing.
As, if letters suddenly vanished and we forgot how to communicate, we could find a way or another to understand each other. For, the best solution in any case would be miming: ” I want a liter of beer” would involve our arms showing our interlocutor a glass as tall and round as our legs, kept on by our hand grabbing the imaginary handle, indicating something yellow, emphasizing its deliciousness by pointing and rotating our finger near our cheek, and staggering along right and left ( the right consequence of a liter beer ).

But, in case numbers didn’t exist anymore and we couldn’t count anymore, and a liter beer was not enough……no way. Babel would fall like an autumn leaflet. A very few time would be left then, before riots and war begun, endless.
You see, another consequence of drinking too much: vomit and nausea, loss of memory, loss of driving license, atomic war.