What do you do, can we help you do it better?

What pastime do you do? do you canoe, bike, skate, hike, cross, climb, surf, swim, dive, fly, run, throw, jump?

Howies would like to know what product could make that would make your time doing your thing a little bit better.  You’re ideas about what that could be are what Howies would like to know.

“Tell me about your favorite piece of clothing that you love more than anything, and then tell me if it could be made any better, and if so how we could make it better for you to do what you love.

Lets see what we can do together. This does not mean we will be making more stuff, it might mean we make less, but it may also mean we make it better so you can do more with it.

If we make your product we’ll tell your story and send you very own finished garment.”