Who was who? Who did what?

Ok, ok, I got it….Martino and Davide were tried to snowboard from Pila to Lake Tahoe, while Luca, Bazza, and Marti were waiting for the beginning of a concert chatting and drinking to the Alpine hut…, meanwhile Dirk and her girlfriend came to Italy just for enjoying cooking  in the kitchen of Luca’s friend….and everything happened the same day, during a shooting…..I admit, I missed the point. Who was who? Who did what? Should I call Luca back and clear?

Who cares? He’s giving us cues, important and clear, of a day spent with dear new and old friends. Try just to suck the emotions of the shots, fix them, take your time, build your own souvenir. You could be there with them too, if you just wanted to.

Take a look at Luca’s shots