Wild games for wild dudes

Sport association Made at Home is proud to present the most original event of the year (in Italy): the Wildgames, from feb 26 to 28 at SWUP Park in Campo Felice (a south Appennines resort). Three full days of parties, new stuff to test, with a western style set realized right for this occasion. Buffaloes, Cactus and cowboys will fill up the resort and non stop events for everybody will switch up the resort for the three days.

At wild Village you will try the 2011 stuff from several brands, or be coached for free by Zebra School and Garden snowboard camp staffs. Bandit games will keep busy the younger dudes while two different open contests (Gully Jump and Race on Rail) will do the same with the skillest one.

Wildgames.it is the place to go if you wanna know more.