Wind Storm on Roxy Pinky Jam

A wind storm attacked the Roxy Pinky Jam in Livigno deleting the slope style contest but not the event. In fact the riders shreded in two photo & video shooting around the Carosello 3000 ski area in Livigno where the TTR top riders Margot Rozies and Alicia Bonnaud resulted the best … after everybody join the saturday night party at Marco’s Pub.

With maximum speeds of 180km/h, the wind stopped the slope style competition at the Roxy Pinky Jam making impossible to arrive at the Carosello 3000 Snowpark in Livigno both on saturday than on sunday. Only a few riders arrived on friday morning were able to shred the new Carosello 3000 Snowpark, just a few before the wind storm attack that changed the event schedule: the slope style contest on saturday was postponed to sunday to be finally cancelled for the terrible wind at the top of the moutain … while at the bottom of the valley the sun shined and the temperature was around 14°. But snowboarding is not only competing: after the cancellation of the slope style contest, two photo&video sessions where arranged for fun and to realize some images with the filmer and photographers at the event. The first shooting was on saturday evening in the new wood park and a second one on sunday morning in the rail park at the bottom of the lifts.

The Roxy Pinky Jam 2008 resulted in a girls meeting based on fun, socialize, photo&video shooting, social dinner, shopping and a preatty hard party on saturday night … beside the delusion for the cancellation of the event, all the partecipants had fun and enjoy a nice time in Livigno, celebrating one of the few dedicated girls event in Europe. Among the partecipants Atti Hast from Sweden, the Static Angels, many italians Heidi Tuberosa, Tania De Tomas, Silvia Sartori e Martina Jole Moro, the swiss force Nadine Walker & Nicole Gsponer, the english ripper Jo Chantry and the belgium Derde Evelien.


Log on to check the official video of the Roxy Pinky Jam Girl Snowboard Meeting and Contest while in few days will be on air a special on Sport Channel Sky 955, the official TV station of the event.
Text: Mukka

Pics: Eleonora Raggi