Founded in 2009, Wingman was born out of a dream to make the men’s toiletry world more exciting and adventurous.

Nobody wants a boring life. Life should be an incredible adventure every step of the way. We don’t think you should have to settle for boring products on shelf and therein lies the opportunity, to do something different.


The creative lab at Wingman were challenged with the same simple brief – be different. They constantly over deliver, striving to serve up the coolest and best performing male grooming products in the world.


Their lead product is a functional 3-in-1 multi-gel which works as shower gel, shampoo and shaving gel. Rooted in the theory that less is more, the idea was to save time, effort and space.


Wingman Jetwash allows you to SHOWER, SHAMPOO and SHAVE all from one bottle and is available in three very different, but equally awesome scents. Its unique formula cleanses like a regular shower gel & shampoo yet provides a moisturising slick to deliver a super close shave. It’s that simple.


JETFUEL is for the real man in all of us. The need for speed, raw power and burning rubber will get the adrenaline flowing like nothing else.

Nobody wants a boring life, life should be an incredible adventure every step of the way. CHARGE is for those who always live the dream.

Tear the roof off the party last night? We know its not easy being the party animal all the time. BOOM makes sure you always bring your A-Game.


Wingman have had to overcome some monumental challenges in just getting their products launched.
Now they are currently scouting the globe for people to join the Wingman Academy Project and to represent the Wingman family.
They designed the product with boarders, surfers, riders, musicians and general game changers in mind… but really it is for individuals that just want life to be more exciting.


We’re using them for some time now and we are very impressed by the quality of the products.

In Wingman We Trust.
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