WINTER WITHIN Episode 1 teaser by Rusty Toothbrush

Yes, the Rusty Tootbrushes did it again…Winter Within is the brand new project for the winter of the Kiwy-Italian media house, and consist in a 5 part web-series set in the amazing Les 2 Alpes – France.

Alex Stewart and the rest of the crew is going to spend part of the winter at 2Alpes to capture the vibe of the No.1 summer snowboard spot in Europe, that become an unique Rider Refugee in the colder months.


Production & Direction: Alex Stewart
Film & Editing: Theo Acworth & Francesco Zoppei
Animation: Francesco Zoppei
Sound Design: Gabriele Giuggioli
Song: Far Away – MK2

Riders: Victor Loron, Andrea Bergamaschi, Sebastian Springeth, Giacomo G B Errichiello, Alberto Planchon, Alex Stewart