WoodMorning stylebook

WoodMorning is a young Roman distribution with greath cosmopolitan attitudes. “Core” is the word that best defines the company. In English “core” stands for soul, in Roman slang means the heart.

Take a look at the new fall/winter stylebook.

Art Director: Francesca Zarroli
Photographer: Brando Giannoni
Graphic Design: Andrea Saulino
Production by Rockinthemiddle

“Rome is a city with many faces, full of history and culture that has been passed down through the centuries and you can still fill it deeply through the streets and the people that live there.

The district Garbatella and Villa Ada, the two locations of this Style Book, are not representative of the Eternal Rome, but of a city that is still young and wants to rediscover itself.

For today Rome is an inexhaustible source of inspiration to many, among which some very active and sometimes irreverent. Yeah, because Rome is also this, joyful and warm as a ray of summer sun, but at the same time bold and exuberant. Without any fear shows out and presents itself to its audience. The choice is yours.”