World Cup Skateboarding in Rome

The italian Capital, for the third year again willl be the host of the most important season’s skate event for the italian scene: the world cup skateboarding, where italian and foreign skaters will be try out for the 30.000 euros prize. The contest will be host in the Roman seaside skatepark – The spot skatepark – during 3 days, July’s the16th, the17th and the 18th .

The theme event will be The Spot – Inferno.
The three days formula based on few but excellent ingredients like sun, sea, music, boards, many adrenalin and skaters that did this life’s style, skilfully shake by speakers and audience, will give life to one of the best italian event ever.

The Spot Skatepark, thanks to the event naming and to Luca Zamoc’s skillfull (skull full?!) hands, will be transformed in a real infernal badlam, where international and italian skaters will have to compete in order to gain access to a Pardise populated by name like Renton Millar, Carlos De Andrade, Daniel Vieira and the italian Daniel Cardone e Nikolai Danov.
The contest will be developed around specialties like vert, street and bowl.
The challange will be open naturally either to female or male sinner.
Soon online the website and the invided’ sinner first riders list.
Go skate and save the date!