World Vertical Week Big Data

The second annual World Vertical Week was held last week, between February 27 and March 5. The goal was to find out where in the world Movescount members ascend the most and who are the queens and kings of the hill.

Skiers climbed on the top spot again, but what other activities were successful? And where in the world the true climbers live?

Skiers are still quite clearly the queens and kings of the hill with 849 meters of ascent in average. The mountaineers climbed on the second spot with 636 meters and the trail runners rounded out the top three with their 400 ascent meters.

Actually the order of the activities remained almost identical compared to 2016: the only difference was that mountain bikers passed the snowshoers in the listings.

Average ascents in various activities

  1. Ski touring 849m
  2. Mountaineering 636m
  3. Trail running 400m
  4. Mountain biking 362m
  5. Snow shoeing 316m
  6. Trekking 293m
  7. Cycling 236m
  8. Cross country skiing 222m
  9. Running 104m

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