Writing on the Wall

The four-man crew of Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Nigel Sylvester, and Mike Spinner spent over a year living out of suitcases to film the first Nike 6.0 BMX movie, Writing on the Wall.

From 4-wheelin’ to 4-star, ditches to public parks, the 6.0 crew scoured the corners of the Earth to discover the undiscovered and lay down new lines. Battling school calendars, narcolepsy, ridiculous competition schedules, and border patrol; the crew rallied to capture amazing riding. Writing on the Wall showcases the distinct style of each rider, from Nigel’s street skills to Spinner’s technical prowess; from Dennis who rides anything at any time, to Garrett’s assault on cities around the world.
The 6.0 crew represents the next generation of riders driving the progression of BMX. Enjoy the tour, as one of today’s most diverse BMX teams travels to Beijing, Dubai, Barcelona, NYC, Australia, and more.

Free download of the full video here.

Mark Losey, Adam Long, Glenn Milligan

Produced By:
Mark Losey

Executive Producers:
Bastien Renard, Curtis Graham, Nike 6.0

Glenn PP Milligan, Mark Losey, Christian Rigal, Alex Auerbach, Kyle Carlson, Ryan Navazio, Cleon Akoh-Arrey, Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Thibault Koralewski, Bruno Débauché, Brett Rholfing

Glenn Milligan, Adam Long, Mark Losey

Graphics and Art Direction:
Adam Long