Yes, we ride!

“We-ride”. This is the name of the brand new project launched by a crew of guys in love with the 20″, just to spread their passion and affect more and more people, introducing them to the fabulous world of bmx.

A brand new web-site based on graphics. No news, no events and contests calendar, just photos and videos, uploaded by We-ride members but by riders, photographers and filmers mostly.
So stop infinite searching on Youtube, just click to plunge into the latest photos and videos sent.

What’s new in it?! Simple. For each upload (either photos or videos) anybody can vote comfortably sitting at home the rider, the photographer, the trick and the film-maker.

Not enough? Ok, let’s do so, you’ll also find a page with rankings, where you’ll find the most voted among the different categories, to confront and get more roused and pushed, to get better better, showing off in the italian Scene.
It’s a way to focus not only the riders, but also the medias.