Flowing Around

Flowing Around: An homage to vertical terrain, by Johannes Östergård.
In this short film made during the Barcelona Extreme Festival in June 2011, Rune Glifberg leads the discussion on what it means to master skateboarding’s steepest learning curve – vert skating.

Featuring Rune Glifberg, Pontus Bjorn, Pete King, Jean Postec, Andy Scott, Sam Beckett, Sam Bosworth, Max Frion and friends.


“I dream about skateboarding all the time. I get those dreams where I can’t skate, where I… eat shit all the time. But then sometimes you get those good dreams, where you’re doing anything you want you can’t fall off. Those are… good.”
Rune Glifberg

Cinematography: Johannes Östergård, Niki Waltl