Skipass 2009 Highlights

Skipass fair has become, in more than 10 years of activity, the official “place to be” before the winter starts. From a local mountain fair, it has quickly become an important showcase of all what can be considered gravity sport.

At skipass you will find them all: snowboarding, skateboarding, fmx, bmx, inline skating and dirt. But skipass is way more than that! There are a plenty of resort exposing all their offers for the incoming winter, there are the major ski/snowboard companies and there is a gigantic warehouse where you can loose yourself shopping.

At skipass the entire gravitiy Italian scene is always here to meet each other, to compete or only to party. The following article is only a way to live the best skipass has to offer in his 4 packed days of things to see:




The Diamond
The first and most remarkable thing you’ll surely notice as you enter the skipass gates will be surely the diamond. This peculiar features has been studied to be utlized by snowboarders and skiers in thousand different ways and with infinite transfer options.


Nissan Stomp It is the main contest of the entire package, with his precious 4 TTR stars. Top pros will battle each other on the diamond for the 25.000 euros final prize. Save the dates for october 30-31.


If Nissan stomp it is the best you can ask for snowboarding, surely Tim Tribù/Vans skate cup is the same for the 4wheleed deck. All the best European skaters will nail the sickest tricks to bring home the 5.000 euro final check.


Da Boot gang is one of the main attraction not snow related at skipass; each day, two times a day, you will see the bravest FMX riders launching themself in the air from the enormous Da Boot Ramp.


Last but not least, skullcandy offers you a unique hip hop showcase for the skipass days. Dj Fede will lay down a sound carpet for 4 different artists during the fuor days: on october 29 Tommy Smoka, on 30 Tormento, on 31 Raige and finally on november 1 KC.

But that’s not all! There will be the Zombie Inline Contest, the Snowbox video contest where amateur producers will fight for the best low budget snowboard video, and finally the party parade: on october 29 at Muzik Off Club (Via Morandi 71 Modena) Kaos in concert + Jolly rogers (pirate prod.)+ Gimmie Some (random/iuter prod.) premieres.

The following day, at Muzik Off Club again, After riding party with reggae sound by Blessed Love and Sud Sound System. Also Vans is throwing a massive music night with his worldwide syincronized Vans Off The Wall Music night, with Hey Hey Radio in concert and an awesome Air Guitar contest where you could win an Ephiphone Vans limited edition guitar.

Then endless dance with electronic beats by cyberpunkers till the morning after. Vans Skipass party will be at Tube Club (via del Lancillotto 10/A Modena). Further infos here.

That’s all, have a good skipass time.