Support Days of Thunder

Days of Thunder 2010 is cancelled, it will return back for 2011 if the ANTI crew get the right sponsors.

The ANTI crew chose to spread the Days of Thunder movie online for free to all the freeride fans worldwide, because they think it transports the lifestyle & fun that mountain biking offers and everybody should be able to experience that. Unfortunately, in 2010 another edition of the ANTI Days of Thunder is not possible due to their economical situation.

If you want to support the ANTI crew and make this unique event possible in the future again, please use the paypal donation button and enjoy the movie.

The ANTI Days of Thunder crew appreciates your effort a lot.

“ANTI Days of Thunder was the first of it’s kind in a new breed of mountain bike competitions featuring all aspects of gravity fed mountain biking; Downhill, Dirt and Slopestyle. This competition features a different approach to the conventional competition format, and getting good photos and videos are prioritized over proclaiming a winner.

In 08 & 09 we had a great variety of riders competing with a huge smile on their face. Sadly for 2010 we have made the decision not to arrange DOT, because of our financial situation as well as we feel that we need to come up with something new to keep it fresh.

If you are an up-and-coming rider, potential sponsor, spectator or have a great idea for what DOT2011 should be please drop me a line at or

We are bubbeling with ideas to make the event bigger, better and more spectator friendly!”