Vienna Air King 2010

The Vienna Air King celebrates its fifth anniversary on April 10th and 11th 2010. The visitors of the ARGUS Bike Festival will see the big names of the dirt jumping scene battling for an overall prize money of 7,500 Euros in front of the picturesque Viennese city hall.

In 2009, over 40 riders from numerous European countries, the United States and even Australia made their way to the Vienna Air King. Over 100,000 visitors joined them and visited the ARGUS Bike Festival that hosts one of the biggest dirt jump comps worldwide right in the middle of Austria’s capital every year.

Last year’s winner Martin Soederstroem from Sweden can’t wait for the upcoming contest: “The Vienna Air King is the kick off event each season, because it’s the first big dirt jump comp in the year. It’s cool to meet all my buddies again and especially to see what kind of new tricks they have worked on back home in the halls during the wintertime. The dirt line at the Vienna Air King is pretty challenging, and it’s great to show your tricks in front of such a huge crowd of people that are cheering while and after each run! It’s always fun!”

Martin as well as last year’s PANASONIC-Best-Trick-Competition winner Paul Basagoitia from the USA are two of the world’s best dirt riders that will be invited for 2010.

But the Vienna Air king isn’t a big names only contest. Also rookies can apply for the contest to become one of the additional riders. Please take a look at to get all the relevant information.

Photos by Ale Di Lullo and David Ulrich Courtesy of Rasoulution