Zimtstern bike collection

Just as Zimtstern develop snowboard clothing, so we do not freeze in the mountain with a decent look, they have designed their first Bike Collection with high-quality materials, typical Zimtstern designs and a sense of good conscience. Now we can ride in the summer and remain true to our style.

The first Zimtstern Bike Collection.

No, Zimtstern have not reinvented the wheel, but they have found a new twist, so we can enjoy more life on two wheels.

Zimtstern is a truly independent snowboard, skateboard, surf and bike wear label.

Zimtstern was founded in Switzerland in 1995. Our brand originated out of a simple idea; develop an alternative to the offered snowboard wear back then.

The two company founders Thomas Meyer and Reto Kuster longed for a unique European style in snowboard apparel and with an ache in their hearts and a twinkle in their eye, started their own thing. Transforming their passion into a business, they founded one of the very first Swiss snowboard apparel brands.

This small do-it-yourself garage label developed fast into a stylistic influential brand that continued to relentlessly spread beyond its Swiss borders.